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U Visa
Requirements, Benefits and How to Apply

What is the U Visa? Discover requirements, benefits and how to apply. Protection against deportation, legal work and permanent residence. Start your application now!

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Requirements for
apply for the U Visa

Be a victim of any of the qualifying crimes to apply for a U visa within the United States.

Having suffered any significant damage after the event.

Be willing to assist the authorities in the investigation and apprehension of the offender, providing all the information you have at your disposal.

Remain in the country at the time of submitting the application.

Types of crimes

Our consultants will attend your request

Assault with a weapon

Sexual Assault





Abusive sexual content

Illegal Detention

Sexual exploitation


Fraud in the hiring of foreign labor

U visa certification

The U-Visa Certification, requested on Form I-918 supplement B, is sent to the police victim’s department for a law enforcement officer to sign the application and acknowledge that the crime committed against the applicant qualifies for a U-Visa. Also, they will acknowledge that the applicant has been cooperating with information about the crime that will enable them to solve it.

Know who the holder can include in their application

If the applicant is under 21 years of age, he/she may include as derivatives a:


You will have to prove with evidence or documents that the relationship you have with the applicant was contracted before the crime occurred.


The category includes biological, adopted and stepchildren.


You can request your mother or father.


If the applicant is over 21 years of age, he/she may include as derivatives a:


Meet the


The benefits granted by the U Visa are for the holder of the process and its derivatives added in the application.

Protection against deportation

Once you are approved for the U Visa and receive your immigration status, you will no longer be at risk of being deported to your home country.

Working legally

You will receive a work permit that will allow you to have more job opportunities in the United States.

Permanent residence

By meeting certain requirements and holding the U Visa for a certain period of time, you may apply for permanent residency for both the petitioner and his or her derivatives.

Social benefits

With your adjustment of status, you will have the opportunity to access public benefits.

Public assistance

Derivatives will also be able to access benefits such as education, medical assistance and feeding programs.

Knows the

Recommendations to prepare

It is essential that you have evidence of the event, collect documentation, videos, images, police and medical reports, proof of damage and so on.

If you have any interaction with the authorities, it is important that you keep it, this could be useful to show that you comply with the assistance in the investigation. .

Seek out an immigration attorney with experience in U Visa processing, so you can better develop your case, better understand the process, fill out the forms correctly, and provide the necessary information as directed by the government entities.

To apply for Permanent Residency in the United States, you must have met the following requirements:

Continuous Residency Requirement

Have been continuously in the U.S. for at least 3 years since receiving your U Visa approval.

Collaboration with Authorities in Investigations

You have cooperated with law enforcement agencies in the investigation of crime after receiving your U Visa status.

Absence of Criminal Impediments

Not to have any motive or criminal problem that makes you inadmissible to stay in the country.

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Haven't found what you need?

Write us your question

and we will solve it for you.

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We want to hear from you! Fill out our form with your question and we will be happy to help you.