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Client Testimonials

Find out how our clients were able to successfully resolve their immigration process. Get inspired now!

Discover your path: Join the Gonzalez family on their journey to new opportunities.

The Gonzalez family has already experienced our processes and constant support every step of the way. Now it’s YOUR turn! Contact us to find out which processes you can apply for and start your path to a better future.

The first step towards your dream: The importance of taking fingerprints in your immigration process

Already have your prints? Contact us and start your process! What does fingerprinting involve?

This is the first step in any application you wish to file with USCIS. It allows us to learn about your immigration history and determine the best course of action. Let us give you our personalized attention; our experts are ready to listen to you, guide you step by step and give you legal advice in your immigration process.

Your specialist guide to legal proceedings:Find out how IMS can help you

At IMS, we have specialized advisors ready to provide you with detailed information about your cases and the different alternatives available to you. We analyze the specific legal tools adapted to each individual. Contact us! We will provide you with the necessary support in your process, whether to apply for asylum, work permits, family petitions, U Visa, DACA, among others.

The first step is to know your history. Mr. Miguel has already made his decision. Now all that’s missing is you!

Experience comprehensive support:
Join the Núñez family and discover our customized processes.

The Nuñez family has already personally experienced our efficient processes and unwavering support every step of the way. Now it’s YOUR turn! Do not hesitate to contact us today

Tangible results in case management:
Eva Hernandez’s success with Immigration Solution

Eva Hernandez has placed her trust in us and, in less than two months, she is already experiencing tangible results in the management of her case and that of her family, thanks to Immigration Solution’s assistance.

The crucial role of Our Lawyer William Matos in the Danery Guerra Case

Danery Guerra was detained in a penitentiary, but thanks to the legal help of our lawyer William Matos, he was able to obtain his freedom. ¡Ahora su proceso migratorio está siendo gestionado por IMS!


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